Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 2!

I'm excited to hear how God used you today! This site is designed with the organic lifestyle in mind and with ways to attain optimal health. I don't believe anything contributes to our well-being like being others centered and giving to the needs of others.

Please share with us your story...


BTW...Be sure to check out the posts from Day 1 if you haven't already! God is already using each one of us in such a mighty way!


Donna said...

I wrote an email to a very old friend this afternoon. She and I used to be very close friends when we all lived in Anchorage and were raising our kids together. Many years and miles have separated us.

I also wrote a "love letter" to my mother in law. She is the very best!!

Anonymous said...

I second your opinion of the service this morning! What a guy!! And to think I gave birth to him. Wow. While at church, Scott handed us a collection of notes from the students of the human sexuality class at AU
and we were doubly blessed. Larry and I went to the class last Friday to fulfill a request of grandson, speak to the class on our 54 hears of marriage and the changes that take place over the years and how we handled them. It was a fun thing to do, but an awesome responsibilty at the same time to impart something of value that would help these young people, one couple already married, several engaged to be married, and others dreaming of being their future relationships. We knew we couldn't cover that many years of experiences in the allotted time, so tried to touch on some high spots and some low spots and hoped that there would be something for everyone to take with them. The notes were so affirming. They brought tears to our eyes as we read them. What a gift exchange!

Marisa said...

Today was a very busy day...a good day, but busy!

I enjoyed church and shopping with mom for dad's Birthday :)

I especially enjoyed doing the every day things I normally do with my family, but with a totally different attitude...a giving without expecting anything...a giving with an appreciation for all the wonderful people/things God has blessed me with.

This was the first day in a long time that laundry, dishes, cooking weren't chores to dread, but rather serve as reminders of the awesome gift of "family" that God has blessed me with!

I love the renewed I need to continue to pray it sticks:)

Thank-you so much for sharing! You are such a blessing to me!


rsgreen83 said...

Day 2. I got up and put the finishing touches on my Children's Church Worship time. Prayed for Scott at Pleasant Valley, for me and the kids that have to listen to me:) When Josh arrived, we left for church. I covered the Sunday school small group time for the 2nd and 3rd graders and then ran home to pick up Belinda. Then it was time for the Children's Worship time. (it is during the church sermon time) The kids were very attentive to the sobering story of how Absalom raised an army against his own father, David.
After church, a quick trip to Subway. Lunch with Scott, Josh, Belinda, Lo and Mason. Everyone shared about their worship experiences. Then I took my sister to the airport.
A wonderful weekend. Looking forward to the week.

Faithers said...

Donna, I just wanted to say that I loved your idea of writing a love letter. :) And Rhonda... my sister's name is Belinda too! :)

Well, I have had some tension in a relationship with a lady in my small group at church. She spoke against someone in the group, and I called her on it. She said at one point that she didn't feel that I loved her anymore which certainly wasn't the case. Her and her husband recently got a computer and it's their first one so they have a bit of a learning curve. They were talking about all the questions that they had, and so I jumped on the chance to help them. I guess I thought of the phrase "meeting someone at their point of need." And that's what I wanted to do with them. We had a beautiful meeting at their home yesterday, and then we sat and visited. :)