Thursday, February 18, 2010

As We Prepare for the 29 Day Challenge!


I thought I would post helpful ideas for us as we begin our 29 Day Challenge. Remember, this challenge is meant to serve as a reminder for us to be more others centered. As Cami stated, " is your opportunity to cultivate a mindful practice of stepping outside your own story for a few seconds each day by serving others."

Don't become discouraged! There is nothing written in stone that suggests it is necessary to give monumental gifts. Often times, it's the little gestures of kindness that speak volumes to the recipient. A phone call, a note of appreciation, a warm smile, a small offer to help ease a load...whatever you offer will contribute to making a person's day a little brighter.

I think sometimes we decline to participate in challenges such as this because we fear failure to follow through with a commitment. Don't be hard on yourself...there isn't a day that goes by that we don't give in one way or another. Sometimes we give unconsciously and it becomes necessary to sit and reflect on our day to bring our giving into our consciousness.

Keep a journal of your giving each day. This will not only keep you mindful of your giving, but will give you the opportunity to jot down what God is doing in your life as a result of your giving.

Make sure you include your "small group" here on this blog as you go through the 29 Day Challenge. We will not only keep one another accountable through this process, but we will also be a source of encouragement for one another. I would love to see a bond of brother/sisterhood here as there is an outpouring of our giving experiences.

Finally, I hope this is an enjoyable time for you and remember to be equally as open to receive as you are to give...we cannot have one without the other!

I would love for you to find this site a safe place for you to regularly visit as you carry on with life. Social networking is of utmost importance as we strive for optimal health and wellness.

I'm counting the minutes until we launch our challenge on Saturday...remember to notice those who are joining us and pray for each one as we go through our challenge together.

Blessings as you prepare yourselves for the greatness that lies ahead!



Anonymous said...

I made some phone calls today and each one was a blessing for me. I thought I was 'giving' but lo I became the recipient. Same thing happened when I sent an e-mail message. When the reply came it brought tears of joy! WOW!
Mom (Gini)

Faithers said...

Marisa, I was thinking about what I wanted my first gift to be. It really shouldn't be hard because there are SO many needs around us. I was at a Women's Bible Study last night and I have a friend who attends also. She is paralyzed and is in a wheel chair. Her back was very sore last night and she seemed to respond to the idea of someone coming over to her house and giving her a back rub. That's the first gift that I'll be giving away. Just wanted to share that.

For lent, I've decided to take a break from politics and also from facebook. When I made the decision to do this, I felt like such a weight was lifted from me because I have felt such an information OVERLOAD coming on. This challenge came at the perfect time because as I let go of politics and fb, I'm ready to dive in to this 29 Day Challenge.

Thanks again for all you have done for us already. :) I'm looking forward to the journey.

Anonymous said...

i took some dinner i cooked (i usually do not cook) to this man i am dating. he really enjoyed it.

i gave a piece of gum to a customer.

i gave our internal mail delivery lady a big hug.

i took cookies to the office and wrote a thank you card to the staff to thank them for their hard work and that i am glad we work together.

my younger daughter wend for a job interview and i prayed for her to get the job-God answered that prayer. and for her boyfriend to get a job.

now still praying for my older daughter to find work.

i look forward to more joyful moments during this time period! and prayers answered.


Gini said...

I don't know what Day # this is: But On Wednesday evening our Bible Study/prayer group went into the home of a shut-in. There were 10 of us. We had a wonderful time in the Word,praising God and fellowship with each other. A delicious snack was prepared by her caregiver. What an evening!
Gini (mom)

Gini said...

Thursday, 25th: Was my husband's
75th Birthday. It was so full of celebration, I hardly had a chance to gift him. Phone calls with his two sisters and brother, lunch with his son, a beautiful plant adorned with balloons from his daughter and family...I thought, how can I add to all of that? I simply gave him a card that said,
"I know it's your birthday, but I feel like I'm the one getting the present....another year if having you to love." Those who know the battle he has had with cancer will appreciate that message as I did.
A family get-together is planned for Sunday afternoon to further celebrate. Life is good!