Friday, February 19, 2010

29 Day Giving Ideas!

Only one more day!!

I am going to use this day to pray and open my heart to God's leading. I want to "step out of my own way" and be receptive to the needs of others.

I am going to jot down giving ideas in this post that I think are terrific! Please feel free to peruse some of these suggestions and use all, one, or none on your 29 Day Challenge.

This site is not meant to be a prescription to follow precisely, but rather a facilitative place to get our wheels turning, generate ideas, and find support.

Giving Ideas:

  1. Wish Upon a Hero ~  This is a site that was inspired after 9/11 and after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Oleans. It is a place where up to 3 wishes can be granted and unlimited wishes can be met.
  2. Let's Say Thanks to Our Troops ~ Here is a website where we can send free postcards to military personnel overseas to show our gratitude and support for serving our country.
  3. Women For Women ~ This is an excellent resource for women all around the world who have survived wars, civil strife, and other conflicts! This organization gives women the tools they need to become self-sufficient and stable. The organizations listed below donate a portion of their proceeds to Women For Women and many are supporters of the organic, check them out:
    • Organic Bouquet - Send a bouquet and they will send 13% of the proceeds to Women For Women.
    • Flash Bags - Design your own adorable photo purse from recycled newsprints and color photocopies and benefit Women For Women International.
    • Pangea Organics - Organic skincare products
    • Olive Smart Bags - There are 6 stylish reusable bags...great for saving the environment and supporting a wonderful cause. Check out their story:

    • Thanks for Being There ~ Being there is about helping, sharing and unconditional support. And when someone is there for you, it’s good to take a moment to let them know they’re appreciated. This venue gives us the opportunity to say thank-you and express our gratitude.
    • Take a meal to someone who needs the extra help
    • Rub the back of someone hurting ~ This idea was mentioned by Faith, one of the members of our 29 Day Challenge group. I am very excited to read about her experience...what a thoughtful gift!
    • Create a gift basket
    • Create "kindness rocks," as shown on Cami's video ~ These rocks (purchased at a craft store) can have kind words painted on them and given out to people you'd like to touch in a special way. Encourage them to hang on to their rocks for an hour or so and then give them away to others they'd like to touch...and so on :)
    • Victory Junction ~ This is a site for children with disabilities and they are always looking for handmade items, such as, afghans, quilts, and teddy bears.
    I hope this list triggers you to think about ways you can give over the next 29 days. Remember, a simple gesture is very precious and goes a long way in making someone's day brighter.

    A colleague of mine, who has gone through much emotional pain over the last couple of years, said that a warm smile, a gentle touch, or just a simple, "How are you?" eases her pain and helps in the healing process. She said people will often avoid her because they don't know what to say. It is an especially sad and lonely place to not be her own words, "Please, please, please say or do something! Anything is better than nothing!"

    Thank-you for joining me! I appreciate all of you so much! Please don't forget to post each day about your giving...this is a perfect way for us to grow and learn from one another, not to mention glean new gift-giving ideas!


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