Monday, May 23, 2011

Get Fit With Fido

I've noticed that there are more and more runners these days. People are running marathons, mini-marathons, triathlons, and simply running as their exercise of choice.

I'm also hearing there are many lonely, unwanted dogs in shelters. It's amazing what a little socialization can do to perk up the spirits of these canines.

Wouldn't it be great to combine the love of running with the desire to make a difference for these homeless animals by taking a shelter dog along for the run? This would give them the much needed exercise they need, as well as expose their sweet, furry selves to people who might be interested in a long-term relationship.

Thankfully, there are people like Alan Ward, who have launched "runner's groups" to do their part in helping these animals find homes and raising money to care for the sick and injured animals at the shelters.

So ...the next time you lace up those running shoes, why not take a furry friend with you, or better yet, why not organize your own "runner's group" to run a Furry 5K??  What a great way to multi-task during your work out by socializing these animals and making them more adoptable!

Go ahead ...get fit with Fido!!


Run the Planet/Get Fit with Fido

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Anonymous said...

I was going to leave the following comment on this blog:
I read yesterday that, if you walk or run, borrow a dog from the animal shelter to run with you. It gives them exercise and exposes them to people who might want them.

Then, I realized that it was from an email about "YOUR BLOG"! What a small world!
I am not, necessarily, a dog person, but I do know that they need people to care and to be with them. My cat is definitely that way. When I had my stroke, she didn't see anyone unless they just stopped by to feed her or to get something. During those months, she began losing her hair, and her entire personality changed. She wouldn't run anymore, now, she tried to get those people to pet her. She is still that way; she has become very extroverted instead of the introvert she was.